What is this site about?

So, I am an acting administrator and developer of various Web platforms and Web applications. Here I’ve collected the materials prepared during my work.

Another blog on IT, you may think)

Well, in general, yes. It appeared after I decided somehow to more conveniently arrange my notes, which I kept in plain text files. Some time ago I began to work as freelancer. Tasks are different – large, for several months, and small, for a couple of minutes. Quite often I write down some of my actions simply with text, then later if necessary I use them again, just trying to not keep everything in my head.

In the end I decided to move everything from text to web version. This site was made mostly for myself and my colleagues with whom I sometimes work together on projects. But if the information on the site will be useful to someone else – I will be pretty happy. The new content will be published as new material appears and I have free time.